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I'm 19 years old, and I have a full-time job that would probably shock your grandma. I'm a cam girl. For those of you who don't know, a cam girl is the digital era's prostitute. The escort of the virtual age. Men (and sometimes women) come to me for companionship, consolation, conversation –– and most of all, sex. In exchange, I broaden my horizons. I get to interact on a very intimate level with people from all over the world. And, of course, I get money. And a pretty good amount of it at that.


But it's not all peaches and cream. It's not like you can take off your shirt and suddenly the financial world is your oyster. Being a cam girl is deceptively hard, and camming really is a full-time job. It's about promoting and marketing your own business, creating a name for yourself, finding that little niche in the grand scheme of things where you fit in –– all the while being the product, the showgirl, the bread and butter. Websites promise you "$10,000 a week from home in just a few hours a day!", which lures thousands of young girls into showing their stuff and being very disappointed with the payout. The truth is, it takes years to build the fan base that will turn over that kind of income. It takes hours upon hours of grueling labour, replying to thousands of messages a day from needy clients who live in a fantasy world where they're your only priority. At the same time, you're maintaining your body, your hair, your face, your image, to stay presentable, fashionable and on top of the trends. There's no time for a sick day if you want to make real money. Even when you're not on camera, you are still working. It doesn't stop. Camming is a 24-hour-a-day job.


A day in my life consists of waking up around 8am. I go straight to the gym, where I work out for about two hours. I come home, shower, and get directly to work. My Skype account gets turned on and I'm monitoring my Twitter account while I put on my face for the day. Hair, makeup, and body maintenance take about 3 hours, between updating social media and replying to clients who just can't seem to wait for me to get online. When that's done, I take about 30 promo photos that can be uploaded during the day to keep my profiles on different sites relevant and fresh.

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Sex history frome another person

A few years ago I was having sex with my then-girlfriend. She was being rather noisy, and her roommates were home, so I told her to just bite my hand. She bit it. I ended up with six stitches.

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Funny history from another person

"One time during sex, my S.O. and I tried to do the 'roll over while still boning' thing to switch positions from girl on top to missionary. We both went for it, but somehow we tried to roll opposite ways, and his rolling managed to send me flying completely off the bed, caught air and everything. There was about a three-second silence before we both just broke down laughing."

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Foi o dia em que cheguei ao Missouri pela primeira vez para ver meu namorado [de longa distância]. Nós estivemos juntos quase 3 anos. Definitivamente um melhor momento para nós dois. Totalmente um primeiro para nós dois e isso fez uma diferença enorme quando se tratava de sexo. Nós estávamos namorando há quase um ano e [essa experiência] meio que selou nosso relacionamento. Nós tentamos antes, e eu simplesmente não estava "abrindo", eu acho. Mas depois de uma ducha e algumas preliminares juntas, elas deslizavam tão facilmente. Eu acho que isso nos fez conectar em um outro nível para o nosso relacionamento. Fez parecer real e que nós estávamos realmente conectados em um nível muito pessoal e íntimo agora.

Eu acho que a necessidade de sexo era muito mútua na época. Nós tínhamos tentado e isso nunca funcionou e oral só pode ser bom por tanto tempo, sabe? Parece clichê, mas era como uma montanha-russa. Cada movimento que fizemos ficaria cada vez melhor e era quase irresistível.

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I went to a bar with two friends I had stayed with before.

Between one beer and another, already flirting with both, one of them put his hand on my thigh and felt that I was without panties.

Need I say they went crazy? The insistence to get out of there was so great that when I found myself I was inside one of them, in a deserted street, having the best sex for three of my life (my debut in the threesome mode was at age 16).

I felt powerful because everything in that sex depended on my will.

They felt a nonsense for me. I almost went crazy when one of them penetrated my anus while the other kissed my breasts.

It was almost two hours of total madness and multiple orgasms. Can you forget?