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Today I had your image on my head. Certainty of nostalgia throbbing I wanted to be your warmth, To see your shy smile, To caress your skin.

My embrace asks for his
My hunger asks for his flesh
Fall the night and with her
We open our favorite wine
We open our lost thoughts
Hidden between anxieties and homesicknesses.

When I say: I want to kiss the nape of the neck / The answer comes: I need you all / I spill the wine through your body / It runs over your neck / It skirts your breasts / Tastes your thighs / I feel the soft taste of the drink / skin. Hot shiver, heat in the soul / Malicious smiles, wonderful sensations / Her engrossing and mysterious heat / Involves my body as a single sheet / I strip her of clothes and all modesty: Here is my will for tonight.

In the morning. You're lying in bed, wanting to cuddle. You say you do not need much, just me. Mascara in the eyes, lip gloss, a few drops of perfume. Ask me: I'm beautiful? My response comes through the hungry kiss. We fall into bed, you hold me tight. We are the junction of the impersonator with the instigating. We exchange confident looks and burning words.

It's seven in the morning. How many people in the world experience this at the moment? Only the daring ones ...

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"For the celebration of 3 years of dating we scheduled a romantic trip: 1 week in a hotel in the interior. I wanted to do something different and amazing, so I took a can of condensed milk to make an oral of those. He thought it a little odd when he came up with that open can, but he liked it. I bequeathed the 19 cm of pleasure and ... nhac. I took a bite of those! I do not know why or how it happened, I swear I did not mean to! I only know that I heard him shouting and coming out jumping with his hand in the said whose. In short, our honeymoon went by water down and lost a whole can of condensed milk. It was better to be a brigadier. "


"I had a boyfriend who did not like shaving completely. One day, I had a Babalu bubble gum in my mouth, the weather was heating up, I was kissing her whole body and when I got there, the gum stuck in her hair. And the more I try to break it off, the worse it gets. "


"I was at the motel doing an oral in boyfriend when he shoved my head down. The dick went to my throat, pressed the bell, and I vomited. But it was not a vomit, I vomited all over boymagia. I asked him not to move, I ran into the bathroom, cleaned it with paper and then showered together. I was ashamed of embarrassment, but afterwards we laughed and made the best sex of my life. "