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My mother-in-law went to travel, so I bought a pair of cuffs and a new lingerie.

I prepared everything, I ordered my love to sit on the pouf in the middle of the room. I came home raining, I danced, we made some morsels and I said that I wanted to arrest her.

I held it, but it was tight ... At the time we did not care much, but then I moved with her arms and she complained.

I went to open the cuff and where are the keys? I was terrified that I was visibly hurting her wrists and I did not know how to find the keys.

I almost cried, she was very nervous. The weather was over and out of nowhere I looked up at the shoe rack, it was there all the time. We never use anymore.

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"It was with my ex-husband, but already in the condition of separated. He called me to ride a bicycle and between one pedaling and another he said that I missed my taste, how I moaned for him, my scent.

The temperature went up and we gave up the ride. We then stopped at the market to buy groceries for a binge of 9 ½ Weeks of Love (1986).

Coming home, we started joking on the porch: I had oral sex on it with chocolate ice cream while he enjoyed the view of the front buildings. The ice cream ice cream on his hard cock made me delirious.

Then we moved on to the carpet in the living room and began filming. The memory of the camera was gone, but the sex lasted all day. We made a break and in the evening we played the play in the movie and we started all over again. "

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"I went to a bar with two friends I had stayed with before. Between one beer and another, already flirting with both, one of them put his hand on my thigh and felt that I was without panties.

Need I say they went crazy? The insistence to get out of there was so great that when I found myself I was inside one of them, in a deserted street, having the best sex for three of my life (my debut in the threesome mode was at age 16).

I felt powerful because everything in that sex depended on my will. They felt a nonsense for me. I almost went crazy when one of them penetrated my anus while the other kissed my breasts. It was almost two hours of total madness and multiple orgasms. Can you forget?